Lakshay Thread Mills

At Lakshay Thread Mills we understand how important colour management is to our customers. We are the world leader in digital textile colour technology, providing consistent colour matching and unrivalled standards of colour accuracy globally.

We have over 40 industrial dyehouses globally linked for seamless digital integration, using the latest colour standards and proprietary colour management.

Lakshay Thread Mills were one of the world's first truly multinational organisations and are currently at home in more than 60 countries.

Our products are sold in over 100 countries, with a leading market presence in high growth markets such as India, China, Brazil and Vietnam.

Our people are experts in their fields and in possession of unrivalled industry knowledge developed over centuries. This results in a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, brand partners and consumers, which enables us to continually deliver high value added products and services that enhance productivity and widen product offerings.

About us - 21st CenturyOur goal isn't to make sewing thread, it is to make thin lines that solve problems and add value.

Lakshay Thread Mills has always been a pioneering organisation. There are many examples of this in our long heritage - for instance when, as far back as the 1780's, we pioneered linen thread production and during the 1830's sought out new opportunities in India and America. Today we are still leading the way with products that reach from flame retardant to fibre optics, and from crafts to para-aramid threads.

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